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The greatest Western writers of the twenty-first century continue the adventures of Hunter Buchanon, a towering mountain of a man who made his name as a Rebel tracker in the Civil War.

Full Synopsis
When the Civil War ended, Hunter Buchanan and his coyote sidekick Bobby Lee forged a new life in the Black Hills, Dakota. Now they'll have to fight to the death to keep it . . .


Ex-Rebel tracker Hunter Buchanan is down on his luck. He lost his family's ranch in a fire. He lost his gold to a thief. And he just might lose his fiancée—a beautiful saloon girl named Annabelle—to a stinking-rich rival. But Hunter's not ready to give up just yet. He's got a temporary sheriff's badge, a long-range plan to rebuild his ranch, and his loyal coyote Bobby Lee by his side to make things right. Too bad it all goes wrong—when Annabelle gets kidnapped . . .

The mayhem begins with a stagecoach robbery in the Black Hills town of Tigerville. It won't end until Sheriff Hunter Buchanan gets back his girl and his gold—on a long, dusty trail of bloodsoaked vengeance . . .

Blood in the Dust

Author William W. Johnstone, J. A. Johnstone

Narrated by Al Kessel

Publication date Dec 29, 2020

Running time 11 hrs

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