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Short Synopsis
Michael Todd and Michael Anderle present Book 4 in the Birth of Heavy Metal series.

Full Synopsis
What do you do when a mercenary team comes looking for trouble in your base . . . In your home?

There is a problem with Courtney's company and those that wish to have Courtney step down. Amanda and Anja are working on the base and have purchased an AI to help. Unfortunately, the AI had to be purchased after-market and already has a personality.

What do you do when a prurient AI is connected to a ton of guns all around your house?

Heavy Metal is fighting inside the ZOO and outside the ZOO. Is their ability to hide the bodies outside of the ZOO going to cause problems?

There is a billionaire on one side and our team on the other. One side has money and access to guns, the other side has been matured in the ZOO. Does the billionaire even have a chance?

In the ZOO, you always expect the unexpected. Can Salinger keep his friendships afloat and stay out of the claws (or mouths) of the denizens of the ZOO and the law this time?

Salinger Jacobs is working to build his company as fast as possible. Will he make a few mistakes he can't think his way out of?

Blood of My Enemies

Author Michael Todd, Michael Anderle

Narrated by Kevin T. Collins

Publication date Aug 11, 2020

Running time 9 hrs 10 min

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