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Short Synopsis
The first in an action-packed new series from Helen Harper, featuring human Mack and shapeshifter Corrigan.

Full Synopsis
Mack might be, to all intents and purposes, a normal looking human, but she lives with a pack of shapeshifters in Cornwall in rural England after being dumped there by her mother when she was just a young child. She desperately wants to be accepted by her surrogate family, not least because a lot of them hate her for merely being human, but for some reason her blood just won't allow the transformation to occur. With a terrible temper to match her fiery red hair, Mack is extraordinarily useful in a fight, and when her pack alpha is brutally and abruptly murdered, she swears vengeance. Unfortunately, his murder also draws in the Brethren—the leaders of the shapeshifter world—who will slaughter everyone in Mack's small rural pack if they discover her true identity. Unfortunately Corrigan, the green-eyed muscle-bound Lord Alpha of the Brethren, doesn't let much slip by him...

"My enjoyment of the story overall, the amazing narration, and it's ending left me craving more." ---Nice Girls Don't Read Naughty Books


Author Helen Harper

Narrated by Saskia Maarleveld

Publication date May 30, 2014

Running time 9 hrs 6 min

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