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Short Synopsis
Victoria Dowd presents Book 2 in the Smart Woman's Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
An uninhabited Scottish island.

Ten stranded strangers.

A murderer on the loose.

Ursula Smart, along with her dysfunctional family, heads to Scotland for a gentle weekend of foraging and camping in the Outer Hebrides.

Their boat capsizes. Washed up on an uninhabited island, the Smart women face starvation, freezing conditions, and—worse—no Wi-Fi.

A fun break swiftly turns into a desperate battle for survival. Someone begins killing them off one by one.

Will our gang of Smart women escape or will they be next?

Body on the Island

Author Victoria Dowd

Narrated by Esther Wane

Publication date Jul 27, 2021

Running time 9 hrs 5 min

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