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Short Synopsis
The author of Unraveled presents her latest contemporary romance. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Dear Mr. Brisken,

How do I hate you? Let me count the ways.

I hate your smug, sexy millionaire face. I hate your cocky, skirt chasing, playboy ways. I hate working as your secretary—but, I love the pay. It almost makes dealing with you worth it.

I hate how my friends call you a BILF, when really BILK (Boss I'd Like to Kill) is more appropriate.

I hate that I need you to be my date for my best friend's wedding because my ex-boyfriend, the King of Heartbreakers, and his new busty blonde girlfriend will be in attendance.

But mostly, I hate how once the charade is over, I might not hate you at all . . . it was so much easier when you were the Boss I Loved To Hate.

Contains mature themes.

Boss I Love to Hate

Author Mia Kayla

Narrated by Sarah Puckett, Alex Kydd

Publication date Jul 16, 2019

Running time 12 hrs 1 min

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