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Amber Kelly presents Book 1 in the Cross My Heart Duet series.

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Gabby Mastreoni has been in love with Christoff Scutari since she was four years old. Their fathers are in the same business, and nearly twenty years later, their families remain close. With four older brothers, Gabby leads a protected and sheltered life—until she and Christoff cross a line, and she discovers that love can hurt people.

Brie Masters left everything and everyone behind to begin again. Starting over in California, she's found her new home. She soon learns though that she can run away from her past, but it will always be there. No matter how many miles she puts between herself and her former life, she is still running, reinventing herself—so much so that she's not even sure who she is anymore.

And she has to ask herself, "Am I Brie, or am I still Gabby?"

Both of Me

Author Amber Kelly

Narrated by Nelson Hobbs, Lauren Sweet

Publication date Jan 31, 2020

Running time 9 hrs

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