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Short Synopsis
Greer Rivers presents Book 3 in the Conviction series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis

The enemy is two steps ahead. Every time we think we have answers, we're left with only more questions. I've made mistakes, hunted the wrong villains, and now innocents are paying the price.

Naomi's found herself in the middle of it all. She can't know how broken I am, the rage that I keep buried inside, or that my past has become her nightmare. Naomi fears she's a damsel trapped by her villain, but she's my queen. And it's time she breaks free.


The villain has me trapped. Every time I think I can escape, the chains strengthen and my hope fades. I've made mistakes, trusted the wrong man, and now I'm paying the price.

Snake wants me to run away from it all. He doesn't know how caged I am, the fears that keep me frozen in place. Or that my dream has become my nightmare. Snake worries he's a monster ruined by his past, but he's my knight. And it's time I break free.

Contains mature themes.

Breaking Conviction

Author Greer Rivers

Narrated by Samantha Summers

Publication date Apr 12, 2022

Running time 13 hrs 27 min

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