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Short Synopsis
E. E. Isherwood and Craig Martelle present Book 3 in the End Days series.

Full Synopsis
A father and his son, a country apart. Time swirls and strange is a new normal. Believe it all. Trust nothing.

Buck is finally making headway on his journey east. Until he runs into something bigger than all of them.

Garth is spinning his wheels. He has a companion who is a great deal of work, but she's also a huge help when he needs it most. Together they try to dig themselves out of a deep hole.

The skies are angry and the time waves are increasing. Nowhere is safe.

Except one place and that's not very safe, either.

The stakes increase with the struggles as all the players are trying to stay alive long enough to figure it out.

Broad America

Author E.E. Isherwood, Craig Martelle

Narrated by Gabriel Vaughan

Publication date Sep 24, 2019

Running time 7 hrs 16 min

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