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Short Synopsis
Jude Gray presents Book 5 in the Savage Warriors series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
As I walk across the parking lot, my mind on another day of teaching third-graders, I'm taken. Abducted by nonhumans. Aliens. Monsters, one might call them. I certainly do.

When I'm taken again—from aliens by aliens—my dire circumstances are worsened by an immensely irritating male named Jax. He is brutal, crude, arrogant, and obnoxious. Everything I dislike in a man. Apparently, he is also quite broken, and he thinks I'm beautiful. Me.

How on earth am I supposed to resist him? I suppose on earth, I could. But we're not on earth anymore, and all bets are off.

Contains mature themes.

Broken and Beautiful

Author Jude Gray

Narrated by Justine O. Keef

Publication date Apr 28, 2020

Running time 4 hrs

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