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Kennedy Layne presents Book 8 in the Paramour Bay Cozy Paranormal Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
A baffling whodunit arises while comical antics abound as USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne continues her Paramour Bay Mysteries . . .

Lady bugs, bumblebees, and butterflies are enjoying the humid summer days and nights in the quaint Connecticut coastal town of Paramour Bay. Completely exhausted, Raven Marigold is doing everything she can to keep her cool after the town mysteriously loses power. No electricity means no coffee . . . no coffee means that Raven's nerves are more than a bit frayed.

After a bit of investigating, Raven discovers evidence that witchcraft might have been involved in causing the power outage that has puzzled the residents and left them a little bit cranky. Well, their irritability turns into straight up panic when a possible murder victim is discovered smack dab in the middle of the town's cobblestone square.

Bring a flashlight if you want to help Raven and the rest of the gang solve this latest blackout mystery that will have you scrambling until the very last sentence!

Broomstick Blend

Author Kennedy Layne

Narrated by Annalyse McCoy

Publication date Sep 13, 2022

Running time 5 hrs 16 min

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