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Short Synopsis
Award-winning journalist Brian McGrory goes head to beak in a battle royale with another male for a top-spot in his home, vying for dominance with the family's pet rooster.

Full Synopsis
Brian McGrory's life changed drastically after the death of his beloved dog, Harry: he fell in love with Pam, Harry's veterinarian. Though Brian's only responsibility used to be his adored Harry, Pam came with accessories that could not have been more exotic to the city-loving bachelor: a home in suburbia, two young daughters, two dogs, two cats, two rabbits, and a portly, snow white, red-crowned-and-wattled step-rooster named Buddy. While Buddy loves the women of the house, he takes Brian's presence as an affront, doing everything he can to drive out his rival. Initially resistant to elements of his new life and to the loud, aggressive rooster (who stares menacingly, pecks threateningly, and is constantly poised to attack), Brian eventually sees that Buddy shares the kind of extraordinary relationship with Pam and her two girls that he wants for himself. The rooster is what Brian needs to be—strong and content, devoted to what he has rather than what might be missing. As he learns how to live by living with animals, Buddy, Brian's nemesis, becomes Brian's inspiration, in this inherently human story of love, acceptance, and change.

In the tradition of bestsellers like Marley and Me, Dewey, and The Tender Bar comes a heartwarming and wise tale of finding love in life's second chapter—and how it means all the more when you have to fight for it.

"Hilarious and heart-warming, Buddy reminded me of Cheaper by the Dozen, only with animals. I flat-out loved this book." ---Joseph Finder, author of Paranoid

"At turns hilarious and heart-breaking, Buddy is a book to crow about." ---Sy Montgomery author of The Good Good Pig

"Anyone who has ever loved an animal will want to go on this journey." ---Jon Katz, author of Going Home

"Animal lovers especially will enjoy hearing Brian's transformation, well-narrated by Johnny Heller, who captures all the moments of sadness and joy that infuse this life-affirming memoir. Highly recommended for public libraries." ---Ingram Library News eNewsletter Audio Review

"Johnny Heller's youthful, energetic voice plays well to McGrory's humorous theme of a man adjusting to the unexpected events of his life. . . . Heller plays the carnival atmosphere hilariously as McGrory comes to terms with all the new aspects of his life---especially the large, white-feathered, red-combed rooster named Buddy." ---AudioFile
Author Interview
Brian McGrory


How a Rooster Made Me a Family Man

Author Brian McGrory

Narrated by Johnny Heller

Publication date Nov 6, 2012

Running time 8 hrs

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