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Kaye Kennedy presents Book 2 in the Burning for the Bravest series. Contains mature themes.

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She's dated her fair share of New York City firemen, but after having been burned one too many times, she swore she'd never date another one. Enter Jesse Hogan—tempting her to bend her rules for one night. He was just a volunteer fireman, that had to be a loophole, right? Wrong. He was also a lieutenant in the FDNY. A fireman twice over. So she told herself to forget about that feeling in her chest (and that mind-blowing orgasm) and move on before he bulldozed her heart. Easy, right? Wrong.


One nighters were his specialty. After meeting Lana though, he was left wanting more. Except she refused to date him. But he was determined to wear her down. His "let's be friends" routine seemed to be working. Great, right? Wrong. He discovered something that threatened to not only destroy his chances with the only woman to ever make him want to settle down, but also send his career up in smoke. He could keep that secret from getting out though, right? Wrong.

Contains mature themes.

Burning for This

A Firefighter Romance

Author Kaye Kennedy

Narrated by Jo Raylan, Nelson Hobbs

Publication date Jan 31, 2023

Running time 9 hrs 25 min

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