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Short Synopsis
Mia Ford presents Book 1 in the the Vegas Men series.

Full Synopsis
The last time I threw myself into commitment, I got my heart burned. I had sworn off women ever since then, but Jodi was different.

Ever since she walked into my casino, I knew she'd be trouble . . . She's petite and curvy, her ashy blonde copper hair and green eyes that pierce my soul. Those painted plump lips that completely dry my mouth out. Simply gorgeous. Like s*x on heels!And I hire her. Soon she gets under my skin like no one has ever done before, and I can't shake the possessive feeling that she's mine.

But soon I realize she's hiding something, something big to tear us apart.

And then I screwed up, moved away without a goodbye. Didn't give her a chance, didn't know she was carrying my baby.

And when I know the truth, I am ready to shed my ego and win back my girl, after all, I'm burning with lust!

I'll prove my love to Jodi and my baby growing inside her, this time, I'm not letting her go. This time, I'm chasing after her. But, will she give me a second chance?

Burning With Lust

Author Mia Ford

Narrated by Elizabeth Russell, Brandon Utah

Publication date Mar 29, 2019

Running time 5 hrs 25 min

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