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Short Synopsis
Timothy Ellis and Scott Sakatch present Book 6 in the Hunter Legacy series.

Full Synopsis
One Detective. A killer on the move through human space. The ultimate target.

The name's Burnside, and I always get the weird cases. I built my detective career taking down the strangest bad guys in Earth Sector. No matter how crazy the case, I always managed to get it off the books.

After twenty years of pounding my beat, I was ready to pack it in, and I'd called it a day. Then these killings started, weird to the point of freaked out PD Chiefs, and only one person who fit the case. So much for retirement.

You'd think twenty years of weird would have you weirded out. But crime scenes are not the only weird out there, and expanding your experience of weird isn't for the faint hearted.

The story I'm going to tell you covers 2 years of my life, and took me from one end of human space to the other. And that's when the weird really starts, out on the edge, where space is owned now by Jonathon Hunter, and I get his best people to work with.

This was one for the history books, and my name will always be remembered, because of Burnside's Killer.

Burnside's Killer

Extended Version

Author Timothy Ellis, Scott Sakatch

Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer

Publication date Mar 29, 2019

Running time 7 hrs

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