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Short Synopsis
Sabrina Jeffries's unforgettable tale of passion and peril follows Miss Marianne Winchilsea and Garett Lockwood, Earl of Falkham, as they risk everything to follow their hearts. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Miss Marianne Winchilsea is running for her life from those whom she believes have attempted to kill the king. Forced to disguise herself, she trusts no one—especially not Garett Lockwood, the Earl of Falkham, who usurped her family home and who seems to be her most dangerous enemy.

And what Garett sees behind her masquerade is a beautiful half gypsy enrobed in mystery, deception, and burning secrets. A woman he should avoid at all costs.

In a world where treachery and betrayal reign, a sweet seduction rules their hearts—and dares them to risk their destinies on a passionate love that all the powerful forces of the world cannot defeat.

By Love Unveiled

Author Sabrina Jeffries

Narrated by Corrie James

Publication date Mar 25, 2013

Running time 10 hrs

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