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Tony James Slater presents his latest travel adventure comedy.

Full Synopsis
Tony James Slater is back!

This time he’s got only one thing on his mind:Getting married.According to Bill Shakespeare, the path of true love never did run smooth . . .And this is Tony; nothing ever runs smoothly for him.So the path of true love is about to beat him around the head with a snow shovel.

It started so well—with a proposal that left bite marks, and Tony selling his body to medical science in exchange for the wedding budget.But there were bound to be hiccups.Like his fiancé not being allowed into the country . . .

Join in the hilarious antics, as Tony and his bride-to-be fend off randy camels, rapacious rodents, and gigantic cardboard underpants—whilst traveling to Spain, the Middle East, and all over England.This is a story of life, death, love, marriage, and everything in between.It’s also the story of how not to plan a wedding.And don’t get me started on the honeymoon!

Can I Kiss Her Yet?

Author Tony James Slater

Narrated by Tim Campbell

Publication date Dec 12, 2018

Running time 11 hrs

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