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Short Synopsis
Candy Colored Sky is a coming of age, friends-to-lovers story about family, loss, friendship, and courage.

Full Synopsis
Jonah Wydner has been in love with his neighbor Eleanor Trombley for years. He has watched her life play out from the sidelines—homecoming dances, football parties, and first dates. Her life seemed easy . . . simple . . . perfect. The complete opposite of his own.

But when Eleanor's younger sister goes missing and the national media sets up camp in the middle of their street, the girl with the seemingly perfect life shows up in Jonah's garage in search of a place to hide from the hurt and chaos. What begins as one night becomes many filled with unexpected surprises and unveiling healing truths about Jonah's own messy past.

Soon, Jonah gets to know the real Eleanor, and discover all the ways they're the same. Friendship blossoms into more, plans turn into promises, and hopes and dreams become shared under the warm glow of the fading Midwestern sunsets. But how far can a kiss under a candy-colored sky take them? And what happens when the clouds close in?

Candy Colored Sky

Author Ginger Scott

Narrated by Shaina Summerville, James Fouhey

Publication date Oct 12, 2021

Running time 8 hrs 6 min

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