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Viki Storm presents the second book in the Zalaryn Raiders series. Contains mature themes.

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A warrior owns what he is able to take. And I take her.

She's trembling in a closet, hiding from the raiding party invading her human settlement. Hiding from me.

I collar her. I own her. She's mine by law.

As the Captain of the Imperial Guard, I've sworn a solemn oath to have no mate, sire no offspring.

Oath-breakers are traitors, executed without a second thought. Let them try. I'll beat them all for a chance to claim my mate.


I just want to go home. Except, I don't have one. These alien bastards burned it to the ground.

And the biggest bastard of them all put a collar around my neck. He parades me around on the end of a leash like I'm his newest pet.

My clothes are torn and my body is exposed and there's about a hundred alien warriors looking at me like they can't wait to have a turn.

He keeps me safe from the horde. I'm his lawful captive, his property—and he doesn't want to share.

But will he fight this hard to protect me when he finds out who I really am?

Contains mature themes.

Captured by the Alien Warrior

A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

Author Viki Storm

Narrated by Tristan James, Justine O. Keef

Publication date Oct 16, 2018

Running time 5 hrs 5 min

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