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Short Synopsis
From the author of The Norman Conquest and A Great and Terrible King comes a sweeping and stunning history of the most magnificent castles in Britain.

Full Synopsis
Beginning with their introduction in the eleventh century, and ending with their widespread abandonment in the seventeenth, Marc Morris explores many of the country's most famous castles, as well as some spectacular lesser–known examples.

At times this is an epic tale, driven by characters like William the Conqueror, King John, and Edward I, full of sieges and conquest on an awesome scale. But it is also by turns an intimate story of less eminent individuals, whose adventures, struggles, and ambitions were reflected in the fortified residences they constructed. Be it ever so grand or ever so humble, a castle was first and foremost a home.

To understand castles—who built them, who lived in them, and why—is to understand the forces that shaped medieval Britain.

"Morris is enthusiastic and confident as a tour guide and his writing is wry, well researched, accessible and entertaining." ---Shelf Awareness

"Derek Perkins narrates with unassuming skill and adeptness; his excellent match of tone, emphasis, and pacing to sense makes the text clear, flowing, and easy to follow, while seeming effortless." ---AudioFile

“Captivating and entertaining. More than just a study of architecture, weaponry, and personalities, Castle pieces together a comprehensive overview that gives a fresh take on medieval and early modern Britain and the forces that shaped it." ---BBC History Magazine


Their History and Evolution in Medieval Britain

Author Marc Morris

Narrated by Derek Perkins

Publication date Apr 4, 2017

Running time 9 hrs 19 min

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