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Short Synopsis
Maggie Beaumont has always been known for her poor romantic choices. But when she meets handsome fisherman Malone, she realizes that her luck might just be about to change . . .

Full Synopsis
Maggie Beaumont's luck is about to change. Sure, she's known for her bad romantic choices—her former boyfriend broke up with her by bringing his new girlfriend home for a visit. And then there was the crush she had on a gorgeous young Irishman, who turned out to be Father Tim, the parish's new priest.

But romantic salvation has arrived in the form of handsome, if surly, fisherman Malone. It turns out there's a heart of gold underneath his barnacle-clad exterior. Will this catch of the day turn into the dish of a lifetime?

"Xe Sands did a great job of portraying the voices of the characters and she really added to the charm of an already charming story." ---Ramblings From This Chick

"A touching story brimming with smart dialogue, sympathetic characters, an engaging narrative and the amusing, often self-deprecating observations of the heroine. It's a novel with depth and a great deal of heart." ---Romantic Times

"Catch of the Day is the emotional, wryly self-deprecating first-person narrative." ---Lynne Welch

"Catch of the Day had me grinning from ear to ear, crying, and enjoying Maggie's adventures in dating and life." ---ARomanceReview.com

"Sands's clear diction and perfect pacing combined with an entertaining story make for an engaging listening experience." ---AudioFile

"Narrator Xe Sands ably renders the good-hearted but awkward Maggie . . . The result is an engaging, humorous listen." ---Publishers Weekly Audio Review
USA Today Bestseller

New York Times Bestseller

Catch of the Day

Author Kristan Higgins

Narrated by Xe Sands

Publication date Jun 18, 2012

Running time 10 hrs

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