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Cells Are the New Cure takes you on a tour of the most exciting and leading-edge developments in medicine. You’ll meet the doctors performing the lifesaving research and the patients who have survived illnesses that, before today, were considered a death sentence.

Full Synopsis
Promising treatments now in more than 35,000 clinical trials could have dramatic impacts on cancer, autoimmune diseases, organ replacement, heart disease, and even aging itself. These treatments, which are saving the lives of patients in the trials, will soon be rolled to the medical community at large.

The key to these breakthroughs is the use of living cells as medicine instead of traditional drugs. Research has found that our bodies are virtual treasure troves of adult cells that act as agents of remarkable healing and repair. These cells have been called adult stem cells because they resemble embryonic cells in their ability to transform into many other cell types but without the ethical and moral concerns of embryonic cells.

Adult cells can reprogram cells to work more efficiently. They can also carry edited genetic code to repair mistakes, and deliver targeted therapies, allowing them to address and even cure many diseases affecting children and adults.

The applications of these cellular therapies are broad and growing. Regenerative medicine allows doctors to repair injured and aging tissues and, incredibly, to create artificial body parts and organs in the lab.

Cells Are the New Cure explains the world of cutting-edge complex scientific discovery in easy-to-understand language, interweaving the human element through stories of remission and cure. As someone who is blessed to be thriving since my stem cell transplant, this book gives us hope.” ---Robin Roberts, Good Morning America

Cells Are the New Cure details the recent discoveries of the world’s top scientists and clinicians in the rapidly advancing field of cellular medicine. This paradigm shift in medicine will change the way we treat disease in the very near future and advances in immunotherapy will revolutionize how we approach cancer.” ---Sean Parker, president, Parker Foundation

“Robin Smith and Max Gomez have illuminated one of the great frontiers in medicine for the gen­eral reader: The way aberrant cellular biology leads to disease and how cellular therapy can be harnessed to treat it." ---Ronald A. DePinho, MD, former president, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Cells Are the New Cure

The Cutting-Edge Medical Breakthroughs That Are Transforming Our Health

Author Robin L. Smith, MD, Max Gomez, PhD

Narrated by Randye Kaye

Publication date Oct 24, 2017

Running time 9 hrs

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