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Short Synopsis
Sever Bronny presents Book 4 in the Fury of a Rising Dragon series.

Full Synopsis
Summoning dragons exacts a price. Can they afford to pay it?

Augum, Bridget, and Leera are the first to summon dragons in thousands of years. But the ancient spell inflicts an unforeseen side effect—after every casting, it turns them against each other.

As the Canterran army plunders their kingdom, Katrina Von Edgeworth uses her siege engine dragon to crush all resistance. The trio, fledglings at fighting in the air, soon find themselves outmatched.

Now everything hangs by a thread and Augum, Bridget, and Leera must somehow carve a path to victory—without gouging each other's eyes out.

Little do they know the enemy is readying a deadly surprise.

Champion's Wrath

Author Sever Bronny

Narrated by Gary Furlong

Publication date Sep 28, 2021

Running time 28 hrs 11 min

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