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Short Synopsis
Quinn Arthurs and Harper Wylde present Book 6 in the Phoenix Rising series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Death. War. Pain. Hope.

I'd thought running from the Council would keep my family safe. Instead, it has exposed new dangers—undercurrents I never knew existed. With Joshua left behind enemy lines and threats emerging from all sides, I have to do all I can to protect my mates and bring my newfound family together again.

As Damien, Theo, Ryder, Hiro, Killian, and I work to find our place among the rebellion and face the Council, I can't escape the feeling that something else is coming for us in the dark, Alaskan winter.

Secrets and conflicting beliefs may just crumble what we've worked so hard to build, but I won't lose a war that hasn't even started yet. Especially not before I've been able to claim the six men that were always meant to be mine.

But fate is a fickle beast, serving up more than any one person should have to handle.

In the end, will we be broken by the new lives we are trying to create, or will we be changed by fire?

Contains mature themes.

Changed By Fire

Author Harper Wylde, Quinn Arthurs

Narrated by Brandon Utah, Heather Costa

Publication date Dec 21, 2021

Running time 15 hrs

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