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Short Synopsis
Sabra Waldfogel presents Book 1 in the Low Country series.

Full Synopsis
A Charleston belle with slavery on her conscience. A slave with rebellion in her heart. In South Carolina in 1858, no friendship could be more dangerous.

Caro Jarvie's father, who owns her, loves her and educates her. He raises her for a life she can never have—as a wealthy planter's daughter. When he dies, he can't protect her, and she is cast back into slavery. But she can't forget her father's promise. As she grieves for him, she yearns for freedom.

Emily Jarvie, daughter of a wealthy planter, is content with slavery—until she inherits a slave cousin in Caro. Her conscience goads her into an act of charity. She gives Caro a shawl. She is shocked—and transformed—when Caro has the audacity to ask her for a book instead.

Unlikely cousins, unlikely friends, Emily and Caro become unlikely allies as Caro glimpses a path to freedom and Emily begins to question slavery itself.

As South Carolina hurtles toward secession, will their bond destroy their lives—or set them both free?

"I feel like the narrator for this one did an incredible job as she did well with picking up the Charleston accents and making the characters believable." —Shy the WidowMaker

Charleston's Daughter

Author Sabra Waldfogel

Narrated by Allyson Johnson

Publication date Jul 14, 2020

Running time 12 hrs

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