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Short Synopsis
In a city overrun by a virus that attacks both man and machine, an agent pursues a lowlife postmortal—and uncovers a centuries-old atrocity that history would rather forget.

Full Synopsis
Named one of the best novels of the year by both Locus and Science Fiction Chronicle, Alastair Reynolds's debut Revelation Space redefined the space opera. With Chasm City, Reynolds invites you to reenter the bizarre universe of his imagination as he redefines Hell...

The once-utopian Chasm City—a domed human settlement on an otherwise inhospitable planet—has been overrun by a virus known as the Melding Plague, capable of infecting any body, organic or computerized. Now, with the entire city corrupted—from the people to the very buildings they inhabit—only the most wretched sort of existence remains. For security operative Tanner Mirabel, it is the landscape of nightmares through which he searches for a lowlife postmortal killer. But the stakes are raised when his search brings him face to face with a centuries-old atrocity that history would rather forget.

"Another intoxicating draught of cutting-edge biology, AI, and alien intrigue.... Reynolds is on fire." ---Booklist Starred Review

"Consistently startling.... Reynolds remains one of the hottest...SF writers around." ---Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"The author of Revelation Space combines sf noir with technothriller in a dark vision of the future." ---Library Journal
Booklist Review

Publishers Weekly Review

Chasm City

Author Alastair Reynolds

Narrated by John Lee

Publication date Dec 14, 2009

Running time 23 hrs

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