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Short Synopsis
Lexi C. Foss presents Book 1 in the Blood Alliance series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Once upon a time, humankind ruled the world while lycans and vampires lived in secret. This is no longer that time.


It is my duty to obey, to give my body and blood to a vampire master until he no longer has use for me. There is no escape. Nowhere to run. Follow the rules or die. I don't want to die.


Twenty-two years of conditioning has crafted the perfect poison—a weapon my enemies won't see coming. I'll break her, train her, and use her to take down everyone who stands in my way. She's alluring. She's perfect. And she's mine.

Welcome to the future where the superior bloodlines make the rules. Proceed at your own risk.

Contains mature themes.

Chastely Bitten

Author Lexi C. Foss

Narrated by Kale Williams, Sarah Puckett

Publication date Nov 19, 2019

Running time 9 hrs

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