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Short Synopsis
Burt Wrenlaw presents Book 2 in the ChronoTemplar series.

Full Synopsis
You don't always get another chance . . . unless you've just accidentally stolen some primordial essence from an eldritch horror that: (A) can bend time, and (B) was too busy eating another demigod to notice the loss.

Justin Thyme is trying to be a better man, using his newly-expanded powers to give humanity a chance in the Pan-Universal Gladiatorial Games. He's not just grinding out those levels, but he's also putting down murderers like nobody's business. Earth looks like it might have a shot at making it!

Except that someone isn't too happy with Justin's meddling—someone powerful and working from the shadows to tear down everything he's been building.

From strangely overgeared scalefolk assassins to suspicious accusations putting him out of commission at critical times, Justin soon finds out that a sharp sword and a thick shield won't be enough when you're playing in the big leagues. He'll need all the help he can get, even if that help comes from some pretty unsavory sources.

Will Justin stand by his morals, standing his ground in the face of adversity? Or will he decide that no compromise is too great when even his most egregious time-bending exploits aren't enough to save the day?

ChronoTemplar 2

Author Burt Wrenlaw

Narrated by Alex Knox

Publication date Nov 7, 2023

Running time 14 hrs 8 min

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