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Short Synopsis
Burt Wrenlaw presents Book 1 in the ChronoTemplar series.

Full Synopsis
You don't always get a second chance . . . unless you're a pawn for an eldritch horror that: (A) can bend time, and (B) is a sore loser.

Justin Thyme is not a good man, nor one destined for glory. He was meant to die in obscurity, yet another level eighty-two Templar that was just about to get chewed up by a horde of skittering monstrosities clawing at humanity's last enclave.

One short conversation with a time-splitting monstrosity later, and Justin finds himself flung five years into the past—right when the Earth was first chosen to host the 9,947th Gladiatorial Games.

Justin must now do all that he can to help save the world from crumbling under the twin pressures of monsters and murderers. But it's not all about grinding experience, gaining the most levels, and kicking the most ass. He can't even stand out too much, lest he draw the attention of the other eldritch horrors observing Earth's struggles for their amusement.

No, it's all about making the right connections, sowing the seeds of hope, culling the pests causing despair . . . oh, and exploiting the hell out of the System with his "borrowed" ability to tweak time to his advantage.


A Crunchy LitRPG Adventure

Author Burt Wrenlaw

Narrated by Alex Knox

Publication date Oct 12, 2021

Running time 12 hrs

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