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Short Synopsis
A beautiful woman and a handsome thief try to unravel the mysteries of an age-old technology to stop a fanatical cult before they can unleash an evil that will topple Charisat.

Full Synopsis
Khat, a member of a humanoid race created by the Ancients to survive in the Waste, and Sagai, his human partner, are relic dealers working on the edge of society, trying to stay one step ahead of the Trade Inspectors and to support Sagai's family. When Khat is hired to find relics believed to be part of one of the Ancients' arcane engines, they are both reluctant to become involved. But the request comes from the Warders, powerful mages who serve Charisat's Elector. Khat soon discovers that the deadly politics of Charisat's upper tiers aren't the only danger. The relics the Warders want are the key to an Ancient magic of unknown power, and, as all the inhabitants of Charisat know, no one understands the Ancients' magic.

"This finely crafted novel expertly combines several genres-SF, fantasy, horror-and, perhaps most impressive of all, even manages to avoid an overly sentimental ending." ---Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"A bravura performance, to which no summary can do justice: compellingly plotted, stunningly original in concept, and glowing with utterly convincing detail." ---Kirkus Starred Review

"Narrator Kyle McCarley sets a steady and even pace for this postapocalyptic tale." ---AudioFile
Publishers Weekly Review

Kirkus Review

City of Bones

Author Martha Wells

Narrated by Kyle McCarley

Publication date Dec 2, 2013

Running time 16 hrs 24 min

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