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Short Synopsis
J. P. Oakes presents a fast-paced and razor-sharp dark fantasy. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
"A fantastic book, full of wit and sharp humor, City of Iron and Dust careens through a modernized faerie at a breakneck pace, full of verve and unforgettable characters. Oakes spins a smart, electric, and sometimes snarky tale, showing that the beating heart of modern fantasy is alive and well."—John Hornor Jacobs, author of A Lush and Seething Hell and The Incorruptibles

The Iron City is a prison, a maze, an industrial blight. It is the result of a war that saw the goblins grind the fae beneath their collective boot heels. And tonight, it is also a city that churns with life. Tonight, a young fae is trying to make his fortune one drug deal at a time; a goblin princess is searching for a path between her own dreams and others' expectations; her bodyguard is deciding who to kill first; an artist is hunting for his own voice; an old soldier is starting a new revolution; a young rebel is finding fresh ways to fight; and an old goblin is dreaming of reclaiming her power over them all. Tonight, all their stories are twisting together, wrapped up around a single bag of Dust—the only drug that can still fuel fae magic—and its fate and theirs will change the Iron City forever.

Contains mature themes.

"Dan Calley did an absolutely fantastic job. He really made the story come to life. I was drawn into all the characters and their struggles. This is one of those books I think the narration made me enjoy it even more." ---Books of My Heart

City of Iron and Dust

Author J.P. Oakes

Narrated by Dan Calley

Publication date Jul 20, 2021

Running time 11 hrs 27 min

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