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Short Synopsis
Mia Ford presents Book 2 in the Vegas Men series.

Full Synopsis
Commitment—I hate the damn word. That's since my ex walked out on me. Not even looking back at our son. My son is my world. I think he deserves so much better than her. In fact, we both do!

And then I notice Mia stepping into my gym. My world stops still, I notice the first drop of sweat from her forehead and God, I am hooked. I can see that dark, hooded desire in her shy eyes. I am picturizing her being an animal in bed . . . all wild and unhinged!

And soon I give into the temptation. Forget that she's my client and it's so off-limits. Bring my lips down to hers, all prepared to make her mine.After all, this is Vegas—"The City of Sin" where anything can happen.

But what happens when my ex comes back complicating my life—again! Suddenly Mia becomes a stranger. Guess some things can't be hidden forever, right?

I am determined to win my lady back, And gift my son the mother he rightly deserves!

City Of Sin

Author Mia Ford

Narrated by Elizabeth Russell, Brandon Utah

Publication date May 14, 2019

Running time 6 hrs

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