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Short Synopsis
Andrew Karevik presents Book 6 in the Accidental Champion series.

Full Synopsis
Since that free-for-all that saw every Champion hurry to claim as much land as they could, many of the weaker rulers have been eliminated. As a result, the whole land of Liora is now under the control of eight single coalitions. Can they be trusted to keep to themselves and play nice or should they be treated like threats and dealt with accordingly?

That is one of the main questions Charles and his allies intend to answer when they meet up to finalize their own union. But they've barely started on the main discussion points that an emissary from the north appears to give them an ultimatum: join their alliance or suffer the consequences.

With Tine facing imminent capture, Charles has no choice but to step up his military. Though he already managed to secure the Great Primus Heart that would power the vehicle, Charles still needs to acquire enough Prephius steel to make the train near indestructible.

Follow Charles as he visits an underwater necropolis and ends up having to bargain with the dead. Follow him as he makes new enemies and has to find how to keep his new marriage alive, all the while trying to raise not a city but an entire union with its own perks, stats, and special units.

CivCEO 6

Author Andrew Karevik

Narrated by Neil Hellegers

Publication date Dec 21, 2021

Running time 8 hrs

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