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Short Synopsis
Andrew Karevik presents Book 7 in the Accidental Champion series.

Full Synopsis
Charles and his allies of the Commonwealth were facing their toughest challenge yet with the Northern Collective forcing them to bend the knee or face a terrible and costly war. But once again, Charles turned the financial tools at his disposal into a ruthless weapon and managed to defeat his enemies without even landing a single blow.

The time for the next step of his master plan has come—turning his nation into a Federation, with the cities of his allies as states of this new country. As he gets ready to call for an emergency meeting, another threat emerges. Dark, foreboding clouds are gathering in the skies, painting them red.

According to Alamander, these are signs of an apocalypse to come. A crisis that may very well spell the end for Liora and its Champions. Charles will need to investigate the matter and search for any possible way to stop that disaster.

His adventures will lead him to a strange island with magical goats, and culminate in a perilous trip into the Necropolis. Charles will look to turn each challenge into an opportunity, to consolidate his position en route to developing Liora's first true superpower, and bring him one step closer to winning the game of the gods.

CivCEO 7

Author Andrew Karevik

Narrated by Neil Hellegers

Publication date Feb 7, 2023

Running time 12 hrs

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