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Short Synopsis
Katie Berry presents Book 2 in the CLAW: Emergence series.

Full Synopsis
From bestselling author Katie Berry comes the second book in the CLAW Emergence Trilogy, Into Daylight.

Caleb Cantrill still can't find where he hid the bandit's gold or his cavern of riches. The only thing it seems he can find is more and more of the monstrous blight he unleashed on the peaceful valley he now calls home. Adding to his troubles, his twenty-four-hour reprieve from the gang is up soon, and the bandits will be returning, looking for their gold, or his life is forfeit.

Kitty Welch is swept up in a corrupt scheme which may result in her arrest and deportation back to Scotland. Though she wants to flee, there is something keeping her in the valley, something very surprising that she thought she'd never have.

Creeping, crawling, slithering death now lurks around every corner of the small mountain town, threatening to devour the unwitting population. With the help of Doctor Brown and Sandy, Caleb hopes to eradicate the horrific creatures. But even if he is successful, unless he can recall the locations of his golden fortunes, he might just die anyway.

CLAW Emergence

Into Daylight

Author Katie Berry

Narrated by Alex Knox

Publication date Oct 10, 2023

Running time 7 hrs 14 min

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