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Katie Berry presents Book 1 in the Claw series.

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Lawless, British Columbia is on edge after a powerful earthquake jolts the region, quickly followed by a string of savage animal attacks. Newly stationed to the area after her predecessor mysteriously disappears, Conservation Officer Christine Moon needs to calm the jangled nerves of the small mountain town.

Awakened from ancient slumber, something stalks the swirling, grey mists that surround Lawless. A beast with a gnawing hunger that grows stronger by the minute—its only thought, to satisfy its ravenous appetite.

Rampant corruption at the highest level has targeted Christine to be the next mysterious disappearance. Now, she's in a fight for her life while trying to track and contain the creature threatening to decimate the local population.


A Canadian Thriller

Author Katie Berry

Narrated by Alex Knox

Publication date Jul 31, 2020

Running time 15 hrs

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