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Short Synopsis
A riveting paranormal romance from USA Today bestselling author Dannika Dark.

Full Synopsis
A secret society of immortals lives within the human world. Kane is one of them, a Sensor who experiences emotional energy through touch. But despite his good looks and easygoing personality, Kane lives a solitary life. Unlike other Sensors, he is unnaturally hypersensitive.

Fate throws a curveball when a woman's life is placed in Kane's hands. He is suddenly faced with making a choice, and each comes with a consequence that will wreck him forever. Time is not on his side. Will this woman be his salvation or his ruination?

"Poole narrated it to perfection!" ---(un) Conventional Book Views

"I enjoyed the fabulous narration…" ---BJ's Reviews


Author Dannika Dark

Narrated by Nicole Poole

Publication date Nov 10, 2015

Running time 4 hrs

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