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Short Synopsis
Comprehensive, concrete, and deeply human, Coaching for Equity is the guide for those who choose to accept responsibility for interrupting inequities in schools. It is for all educators who know there is a better way.

Full Synopsis
If we hope to interrupt educational inequities and create schools in which every child thrives, we must open our hearts to purposeful conversation and hone our skills to make those conversations effective. With characteristic honesty and wisdom, Elena Aguilar inspires us to commit to transforming our classrooms, lays bare the hidden obstacles to equity, and helps us see how to overcome these obstacles, one conversation at a time.

Coaching for Equity is packed with the resources necessary to implement Transformational Coaching in any organization. In addition to an updated coaching framework and corresponding rubrics, a comprehensive set of coaching tools puts success in every coach's hands. Extensive personal narratives demonstrate what coaching for equity looks like and help us see how we can make every conversation count towards building a more just and equitable world.

Coaching for Equity covers critical topics in the larger conversation about racial equity, and helps listeners develop the knowledge, dispositions, and skills to be able to: talk productively about race; build trust to support vulnerability; unpack mental models and change someone's mind; observe classrooms and collect data to support equitable outcomes; inspire others and deepen commitment; and evaluate and celebrate growth.

Coaching for Equity

Conversations That Change Practice

Author Elena Aguilar

Narrated by Joana Garcia

Publication date Jan 26, 2021

Running time 16 hrs

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