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Short Synopsis
An imaginative story about space, time, and love.

Full Synopsis
When Margot learns she is carrying her husband Knox's child, she questions if she can bear another loss after a failed pregnancy divided her and Jason. Knox celebrates the news—despite the sorrow and guilt still lingering after his astrophysicist ex, Tiffany, died one year ago—until an earthquake jostles their Hollywood apartment and strips them of power. Moments later, when a small fissure opens in Venice Beach, Jason discovers an abandoned little girl outside his home. As authorities prove unable to help them, Jason determines that the already-fraught city and child are both worse off than he initially imagined.

And Tiffany? After the sting of Knox's betrayal, she programmed the RIFT—a byproduct of her particle collider—to activate after her suicide. Thus, a ground-opening black hole is created, into which Margot, Knox, and Jason must descend. In multiple hall-of-mirror-like alternate universes, they are confronted with a choice: Accept the true pain of losing someone you love, or live a lie wherein the loved one was never lost?

Coil Quake Rift

Author Nathan Elias

Narrated by Alex Picard

Publication date Jun 27, 2023

Running time 7 hrs

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