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Short Synopsis
This book details Beatriz and Albert Sheldon's novel neurobiological and psychotherapeutic paradigm—and reveals how therapists can use it for more successful treatment.

Full Synopsis
Beatriz and Albert Sheldon have spent the last twenty years developing the novel therapeutic paradigm called Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems (CIMBS). They have pioneered new methodology for "reading" and assessing emotional states using their patients' carefully observed psychophysiological phenomena as empirical evidence. CIMBS also incorporates the latest groundbreaking research on neuroplasticity, brain development, and therapeutic change.

The authors demonstrate how they use psychophysiological perspectives to recognize limitations in brain systems that are interfering with their patients' functioning. And through "physiopsychotherapy," they activate self-affirming, nonconscious emotional resources to change rigid, maladaptive neural circuits. CIMBS offers a way of "integrating" these brain system resources to foster more complex and flexible mental functioning and to produce more successful psychotherapeutic outcomes.

This book is wide-ranging in documenting CIMBS' success at operationalizing neuroscience research. Translating their academic, scientific, and clinical research and successful training courses into a reference work that you can savor at leisure, the Sheldons have produced an approachable, intriguing, yet comprehensive milestone in the psychotherapeutic literature.

Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems in Therapy

Author Beatriz Sheldon, Albert Sheldon

Narrated by Kate Zane

Publication date Mar 29, 2022

Running time 18 hrs 13 min

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