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Short Synopsis
Sarah Forester Davis presents Book 1 in the Confession series.

Full Synopsis
When I was twelve, I met this boy. I knew my parents wouldn't approve of our friendship, so I spent two years sneaking over to his house, hoping at some point I'd have a say in how I lived my life.

When I was fourteen, there was an accident. As much as I wanted to keep him a secret, as much as I needed to see him every day, we were forbidden to ever see each other again.

Three years have passed, three years of watching myself waste away without him, sinking into a deep depression that I struggle to pull myself out of each morning. But then the unthinkable happens and I find myself back in his life.

This connection we have can only be explained with one word. Soulmates. At seventeen, we are no longer innocent little kids, and on the verge of adulthood our relationship has changed over time. Our chemistry is undeniable.But there are secrets that have suddenly become unraveled. There are mysteries that we find ourselves trying to solve.

We find ourselves thrown into the middle of a dangerous game that could cost us both of our lives, and there's one simple fact that seems to shout out at us as each day passes. There was a reason we were kept apart.

Confession. This is our story.


Author Sarah Forester Davis

Narrated by Alex Mortensen, Louise Brenner

Publication date Dec 27, 2022

Running time 14 hrs 20 min

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