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Short Synopsis
An inside look at one of the nation's most famous public hospitals as seen through the eyes of its longtime director of intensive care.

Full Synopsis
Filled with stories of strange medical cases and unforgettable patients culled from a thirty-year career in medicine, Cook County ICU offers listeners a peek into the inner workings of a hospital. Author Cory Franklin, MD, who headed the hospital's intensive care unit from the 1970s through the 1990s, shares his most unique and bizarre experiences, including the deadly Chicago heatwave of 1995, treating the first AIDS patients in the country before the disease was diagnosed, the nurse with rare Muchausen syndrome, the only surviving ricin victim, and the professor with Alzheimer's hiding the effects of the wrong medication. Surprising, darkly humorous, heartwarming, and sometimes tragic, these stories provide a big-picture look at how the practice of medicine has changed over the years, making it a must-listen for patients, doctors, and anyone with an interest in medicine.

"Franklin provides an excellent firsthand perspective on life in the medical trenches." ---Booklist Starred Review

"Franklin's fond memories contain seeds of pessimism about the future." ---Publishers Weekly
Booklist Review

Cook County ICU

30 Years of Unforgettable Patients and Odd Cases

Author Cory Franklin, MD

Narrated by John Pruden

Publication date Mar 22, 2016

Running time 7 hrs 4 min

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