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Short Synopsis
Jessica Prince presents the first book in her Civil Corruption series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Garrett Wilder is rich, famous, and totally bad for me. After one night that ended with me wanting to punch him in his face, the self-absorbed rock star has become a permanent fixture in my life . . . whether I like it or not.

Now I'm forced to see him every day, and that shield I put up to protect my heart is quickly crumbling to the ground. I've gone from hating him to craving him. And the scariest part is that he feels the same.

He wants to know me.He wants to own me.He wants to corrupt me.

And if I'm not careful . . .I just might let him.

Contains mature themes.


Author Jessica Prince

Narrated by Alexandra Shawnee

Publication date Jul 31, 2018

Running time 8 hrs

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