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Short Synopsis
Ruby Dixon presents Book 3 in the Corsair Brothers series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
What's worse than finding a lost ship full of stolen humans? It's finding out that your family is responsible. This is a wrong I have to somehow right, so I take off to find answers . . . and discover one of those kidnapped humans has stowed away on my ship.

She's furious that I've deserted her friends. She's determined to make me pay. Ruth swears vengeance and won't be satisfied until she sees me destroyed.

It's a battle of wills I’m determined to win.

Instead of breaking Ruth, I find that I'll do just about anything to get her to kiss me again.

Now . . . who's bending who?

Contains mature themes.

"Holly Jackson and Mason Lloyd are really fantastic narrators and do the entire series justice." ---Books of My Heart

Corsairs: Straik

Author Ruby Dixon

Narrated by Mason Lloyd, Hollie Jackson

Publication date Sep 20, 2022

Running time 13 hrs

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