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Short Synopsis
Rebecca Regnier presents Book 2 in the Widow's Bay series.

Full Synopsis
An icy stretch of farmland becomes one hot property after its owner turns up murdered. Reporter Marzie Nowak must dodge a hungry vampire, face off with a sexy gypsy king, and rely on her new coven of witches to catch the killer!

Between her job as the only reporter in town, her werewolf home renovation contractor, and her new coven of empty nested witches, Marzie Nowak has her hands full. When a farmer is found dead, the suspects start piling up.

Meanwhile, the population of Widow's Bay is getting more fang filled by the minute, with a wild vampire on the loose. Marzie and her friends want to ban together to save the town, but they don't quite know how! That's when The Crones step in to teach the new witches some old tricks and how to cast a few snazzy spells.

Marzie and her snarky cat Agnes face mayhem, murder, and fifty shades of gray paint swatches in this follow up to Resting Witch Face.

Coven Mitt

A Widow's Bay Novel

Author Rebecca Regnier

Narrated by Traci Odom

Publication date Aug 25, 2020

Running time 7 hrs

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