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Richard Van Anderson presents Book 3 in The McBride Trilogy.

Full Synopsis
CoVid19 was not an accident. Its successor, the highly lethal and contagious CoVid23, is not a mutation of CoVid19. China would like us to believe the passage of 19 from animal to human was random and 23 is a natural mutation of 19. The United States wants us to believe both 19 and 23 are weaponized versions of a harmless coronavirus released during a botched Chinese bioweapons experiment. It will be up to Dr. David Aaronson, the new surgeon in the desert town of Fallon, Nevada—home to ranchers and farmers, cowboys and indians, casinos and legalized brothels, and the US Navy's TOPGUN training program—to tell the world what really happened. Revealing the truth will pit David against the commander of a US Army bioweapons laboratory, a narcissistic president obsessed with nationalism, and a supervirus poised to decimate the world's population.


A Novel of Surgical Suspense

Author Richard Van Anderson

Narrated by Joel Richards

Publication date Jan 26, 2021

Running time 9 hrs 20 min

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