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Short Synopsis
Sylvia Mercedes presents Book 7 in the Venatrix Chronicles.

Full Synopsis
Who will live?

Who will die?

Who will be changed . . . forever?

Separated from the Evanderians, Ayleth finds herself alone in the malevolent Witchwood.

Or perhaps not entirely alone . . .

Confronted with the reality of her living grandmother, Ayleth soon learns that the horrors once ascribed to Dread Odile's name and legend may not be entirely true. But what is the truth? Could the infamous Witch Queen be a freedom fighter providing hope for those oppressed under Saint Evander's law? Is she the loving family Ayleth thought she'd lost forever? Or is she the greatest threat the world has ever known?

While battling to save their loved ones, Ayleth, Terryn, and Gerard must each face the lies that have influenced their lives since childhood. The final battle is upon them, and the decisions they make will shape the course of destiny.

Crown of Nightmares

Author Sylvia Mercedes

Narrated by Emily Lawrence

Publication date Jul 13, 2021

Running time 8 hrs 7 min

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