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Short Synopsis
Minerva Spencer, writing as S. M. LaViolette, presents Book 5 in the Academy of Love series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Their mercenary marriage of convenience was perfect . . . until love got in the way . . .

Mary Barnett has never dreamed of marriage and family. Scarred and wary, she's done everything she can to avoid men. Operating her family's vast business is the only future she has ever wanted. Mary had no way of knowing that her father would place conditions on her inheritance. Namely, she will only retain control of her father's empire if she marries. And not just to any man, but a peer of the realm . . .

The last time his family tried to force Miles Ingram to marry for money, he rebelled, abandoned society for good, and went off to war. His subsequent employment as a dancing instructor might have been enough to sustain him—but when his brother dies, saddling him with a destitute earldom, Miles can no longer hide from his obligations. He'll need to marry a wealthy woman, and fast . . .

They're complete opposites, but their goals are perfectly aligned. And it's not long before they realize their hearts aren't as far apart as they initially thought. Miles and Mary know their dance with love can only end in happily ever after, or heartbreak. But which one will it be?

Contains mature themes.

Dancing With Love

Author Minerva Spencer, S.M. LaViolette

Narrated by Justine Eyre

Publication date May 16, 2023

Running time 11 hrs 4 min

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