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Short Synopsis
Stacy Claflin presents Book 8 in the Alex Mercer Thriller series.

Full Synopsis
Someone is going to great lengths to destroy Alex Mercer's life.

On the surface, the Mercers are finally settling into a comfortable routine—Alex's job is going great, he's accepted his unusual family dynamics, and they're even planning a dream vacation. Things couldn't be better.

Or could they?

Dig a little deeper, and the problems are growing out of control. Someone is threatening to ruin Alex, his wife is harboring a shocking secret, and their daughter is hiding a dangerous new relationship.

If Alex's cyber-stalker doesn't get him first, his family could implode on its own. If he can't unravel the tangled mess in time, he might lose everything—and everyone—he holds dear.

Danger Zone

Author Stacy Claflin

Narrated by Rachel Dulude

Publication date Nov 24, 2020

Running time 6 hrs

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