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Short Synopsis
Abbie Zanders presents the first book in her Callaghan Brothers series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Taryn Malone is stranded, broke, and desperate for help. But even if the sexy bartender she's been eyeing offers her a job for the evening . . . even if he seduces her with his impossibly intense blue eyes . . . even if every fiber of her heart tells her to stay with him, she can't.Because Taryn Malone doesn't exist.

Jake Callaghan has been running the family's Irish pub for years now. When he sees Taryn standing out alone in the rain, he does what he's been trained to do as a SEAL—he rescues her. It has nothing to do with her full, firm curves, or her loose, golden-blonde hair, or the way she brushes against him that sends lightning bolts through his body. It's just the right thing to do.


But both Taryn and Jake are hiding secrets from each other. Dangerous secrets. And neither one of them knows just how dangerous it can be to fall in love . . .

Contains mature themes.

"I really enjoyed Dangerous Secrets . . . This story has action, adventure, friendship and sexy times." ---Edgy Reviews

"The book started off with a bang . . . This was a good start to a new series." ---Reading Around the Genres

"The audiobook is narrated by Aiden Snow. His pacing is perfect in this fully voiced, high energy production." ---Elsie's Audiobook Digest

Dangerous Secrets

Author Abbie Zanders

Narrated by Aiden Snow

Publication date Feb 21, 2017

Running time 8 hrs

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