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Short Synopsis
Beth Duke presents Book 2 in the It All Comes Back to You series.

Full Synopsis
The long-awaited sequel to bestseller and book club favorite It All Comes Back To You has arrived!

Violet Glenn. Everybody loved her. In 1946, that included her boyfriend's best friend, Sam Davidson.

Ronni Johnson wrote a book about Violet. It changed her life. Now she's back working as a registered nurse at Fairfield Springs, loving her patients and her job. She doesn't have another book in her.

A mysterious email arrives from Chet Wilson's son, asking Ronni to tell "the truth" about his dad. She ignores it.

Sam Davidson's family becomes inextricably linked with Ronni, though, and through them she learns a story that must be told.

Ronni finds herself back at the keyboard, determined to share the long-held secrets revealed to her.

And once again, Violet is reaching back through the years to touch Ronni's life.

Dark Enough to See the Stars

Author Beth Duke

Narrated by Amy McFadden

Publication date May 2, 2023

Running time 11 hrs

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